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As members of GordonYourself (GY), you immediately get 300 points.

Each time you login to the website, you get "0" points, this is not a marketing association, Gordon wants you to come here because YOU want to learn more so that you can be healthier!

When you refer your friend to the website and they join as members, both of you will get 200 points.

Everytime you attend seminars, when you arrive at the reception, please register and you will be awarded 800 points.

As your points accummulate you will be given various awards from skincare products to spa treatments and other alliances that Gordon is able to pass onwards as gifts to you.

Remember, there are never any fees to join and for being active members, Gordon extends his thanks to you and wants you to enjoy goodies and rewards. The higher tier (GY) rewards are extracts that contain perfumes and ingredients that are used by Gordon's luxury group and will be awarded to those who collect and save the points.

Jane logs in every day into and refers a total of 1000 friends.

GY member (300 points)
Referral =1000 x 200points (200,000 points)
Total points: 200,300 points

* members via this point value system only.

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