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  Export, Sales & Marketing Management  
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Export, Sales & Marketing Management
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GY LLC provides you with a hands-on approach as your international and
local sales and marketing firm.

We understand your product positioning,
the current sales and marketing conditions, and will bring insightful, profitable, and MED-ECO/UNIQUE solutions to meet your business needs.

Your sales are our primary goal at a fraction of the cost for an in-house international sales and marketing manager. Whether you are a start-up company, hoping to expand your existing business, or planning to gain entry across markets, we will help you achieve these possibilities.

improper keyword usage can often lead to poor sales conversions. For example, Starbucks Coffee shouldn't keyword under coffee since the word Starbucks is already known to be equivalent to coffee. Individuals who search for coffee are looking for something else and will not convert under this keyword. Make your online search dollars pay by using effective strategies. We will advise.

distributions should never be accomplished by "finding" a distributor. You don't know them and they don't know you. How can both parties mutually work together when they don't care about your brand. They just want a product that sells itself and you want an investor who will value add towards your branding. Incorrect matches can eliminate a future partnership.

Discover the usage of our general partnership program and accomplish sales. GY LLC will assist in locating proper angel investors that will support your branding.

Shipping, logistics and storage. These are critical features that distributors will not care about because of the added costs. However, temperature and humidity control are vital to reduce liability. Verify and ask to visually inspect your distributors' storage locations. We manage a tight ship to make sure you will have smooth sailing.

Customer loyalty and return purchases are critical. If you did not value your product, you would not be the manufacturer. All the more important, you need to find like-minded contacts. This is our job so let us handle your needs.