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  The Creation Of The Gordon Yourself Philosophy 2004-07-13  

In 2001, Gordon Chiu began recording for Radio Television Hong Kong’s talk show where a listener base was built in the Southeast Asian territories. In 2003, the Gordon Chiu Fans’ Club was brought into existence. By January 2004, after well over 2 years of radio exposure, Gordon retired from the talk show in order to fully enter the written media comprising of the magazine and newspaper industries. During this time, the more localized listener base was then transformed into a global reader base reaching out to over eight (8) different countries. Gordon remarks, “I cannot describe with words how wonderful it is to receive letters from people that I may never see or speak to, who share with me … after listening or reading my work that their beauty and inner health has improved”. By writing and speaking at seminars on an international level, Gordon who is based in New York has integrated medicine with the art of aesthetics and beauty with the science of chemistry and biology into a well rounded philosophy called Gordon Yourself. The 11 Steps of Quality Skin and Health was developed by Gordon Chiu and was syndicated on international radio in 2001 and published by newspapers and magazines in 2002. Aside from Gordon’s education and experience, his strong relations in the international markets with numerous domestic, Asian and European corporations allow Gordon to have a solid pulse on the innovation of new products and insight into the future trends and therapies within the beauty, health and wellness industries. Due to an increasing number of consumers, clients, corporations and the media, in January 2004, Gordon Chiu launched his own company Gordon Yourself LLC to help streamline the expansion process while allowing Gordon Chiu time for his personal life and further clinical exposure. The naming of the company Gordon Yourself LLC is to reflect upon Gordon’s philosophies on inner health/outer beauty in order to bring about an overall improvement towards enhancing quality of life. By using the Gordon Yourself methods, individuals have been able to remove the blockade, identify the underlying cause(s) and allow the body to heal itself naturally. According to Gordon, “By enhancing the quality of life, then you will long and desire for quantity of life. However, if you only have quantity of life without quality of life, this is no longer the meaning of living.”