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  Sugar Trends in Medicine (Diabetes, Obesity, Osteoporosis) 2008-10-28  

These segments will grow substantially in the next 5 years

Osteoporosis is a rapidly growing market and is sweeping across developed countries as a "silent killer". Everything looks absolutely normal through 40 years of age with no symptoms and then suddenly rapid bone loss sets. Although many have resulting low mineral density, experts and medical doctors are baffled to why this is occuring. Although new research is hopeful, it also promises that prevalence in osteoporosis will increase in a recent evaluation that the osteoporosis market will cost billions of dollars and affect: 

USA Female Osteoporosis market: 35 million by 2010
USA Male Osteoporosis market: 17.5 million by 2010

Numerous research points to the dietary changes of modern day life eating processed foods with numerous 'un-natural or laboratory sugars' such as sucralose. However, the long-standing problem is research funding has only been applied to acute side effects associated with laboratory based sugars and not chronic side effects specific to osteoporosis.  Therefore, the final conclusion is that sucralose (Splenda) is safe.

Regardless of heavy opposition by niche health doctors (i.e. Mercola1, Mercola2 ):

The immediate problem with laboratory sugars is it is not environmentally or biologically sound! The reason it doesn't affect your weight is because it doesn't get processed/digested by the body. And the reason it is safe is because it doesn't get broken down into chlorine compounds? While true, this doesn't mean it is safe. And the hidden costs to the body in using both processed sugars and laboratory sugars is a plethora of growing concerns in the chronic disease areas of diabetes, obesity and osteoporosis.

And yet, nothing is being done at the source of providing a cocktail sweetener that meets the following requirements:

(1) Directly sweet (cannot breakdown into another substance that is sweet and cannot have another taste other than sweet)

(2) Natural source "AND" naturally obtained

(3) No allergies (honey and certain sugars can lead to allergies).

Categories 1+2+3 = Agave is the only sweetener left on the market