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  SerendipityHouse Visionary 2006 2006-02-24  

Never has been the time greater than now for the need of providing quality to the public. With growing natural disasters and pollution created illnesses, the question on what kind of healthcare system is not long the solution or answer. We need to change how industries "create" and "manufacture" products on the skincare, personal care and consumable fronts! Gordon Chiu became the visionary of SerendipityHouse after readers of his work decided to take a deep hearted responsibility to influence change. Promoting social responsibility in business, Gordon engaged thousands of high leveled and influential leaders to make a difference. SerendipityHouse sources and distributes only products that Gordon has reviewed and screened. Gordon's promise is no matter where it is, if it is good for you ... I will make it affordable to the public only by distributing large quantities. Anyone in Hong Kong or elsewhere who is rich can afford an item regardless of location or shipping charges but SerendipityHouse helps to solve the issue of the average citizen who desires quality of life.