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  Swiss Nature Product is Coming 2004-07-15  

Dear FansClub, Once upon a time, there was a truly excellent product that arrived in Hong Kong that helped many individuals' skin. In fact, I highly recommended this product to many of my listeners in Hong Kong in August 2003. However, many of these products were not able to be purchased for an inexpensive price. Lifting serum alone sold in excess of $1000 HKD/bottle. Ten months later, Lucia who is part of my fans club went to speak with the company directly and was able to negotiate a fantastic price!! I thank everyone who is supporting Lucia to order these items in a bulk shipment to save on freight!! When I last came back to Hong Kong in April 2004 your skin was radiant and very beautiful. Congratulations Lucia!! I am very glad that my recommendation has helped you but I am even happier that you are so willing to share. Your generosity is heartwarming. Best Wishes, Gordon PS: below is an exchange email between my fansclub and myself. Dear beauties: I am most glad that you will be able to access the Lifting Serum, Lifting Cream, and Shampoo. This is such a wonderful effort on all of your parts indicating that working together and sharing makes many things to become possible. Please keep me posted on how things go. And I am so happy that this sharing is going onwards that I will post this entire e-mail on my "NEWS" Section. Best Regards, Gordon > Dear beauties, > > Through a long time communication with the factory getting the details, I am now able to order the Swiss Nature product. > > As the freight charge is quite high, I think a relatively large order is more cost effective. > > Lifting serum $500 HKD@ > Lifting cream $350 HKD@ > Shampoo $120 HKD@ > which freight charge is included. > > ** Gordon said the serum is the best. If cost is a concern, one can use serum only for eyes and upper cheek and then use the lifting cream as day cream for the rest area.** > > Please let me know how many you want ASAP. > > Hear you soon! > > Lucia