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  Sea Bass Steak - Ginger Lemon Infusion 2004-08-06  

Measure approximately 16 oz of NANOWATER (a different mineral water is possible as well). Add 4 slices of ginger, a small amount of sea salt, and black/green olives to water to create a broth. Keep the water hot, add lemon juice and one teaspoon of virgin olive oil. Separately, douse the SEA BASS STEAK in hot water for 15-30 seconds and decant the water. This will remove the fishy smell of the fish. Transfer the SEA BASS STEAK into the prepared ginger-lemon broth and POACH (meaning evaporate the water while you cook the fish). You should perfect your cooking to a point where the water is mostly evaporated but the fish is just cooked. This will require adjusting the thickness of the SEA BASS STEAK and the level of heat the you apply as well as the water that you use to poach the fish. The whitening effect of this particular fish combined with its high levels of Omega-3 make it quite effective for the skin. It is optional to serve artichoke hearts around the SEA BASS STEAK. Sometimes, I have recommended a mixture of fresh dandelion, horseradish slices and red beet cubes with a warm apricot sauce on the side.