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  World Talk Radio March 2006 2006-02-24  

Reaching out to over 15 countries ...

The GordonYourself 11 Steps to Fabulous Skin & Body has been developed by Gordon Chiu with over 12 years of experience in skincare ranging from applications and knowledge in spa treatments, dermatology, botanical medicine as well as extrapolating ancient literature.

Gordon Chiu is an international consultant who has served global leaders, top business people, cosmetic surgeons as well as major cosmetic firms. His abilities to find ancient plants and combine them with modern technology is enabled by his deep desire to find the Fountain of Youth and the millions of readers and hundreds of corporations that come to him for solutions to beauty, health and wellness.

Gordon's personal interest in sourcing the most prestine and finest raw materials throughout the world continues to make him the leader in skincare. He affirms that youth and beauty is completely attainable but acquiring this knowledge brings great humility and respect for the Creator.